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What was in Soledad O'Brien's Notes Tonight? Ask her.

Wonder what she was reading tonight…   You can ask her: “.@Soledad_OBrien can you share with us, your audience, what print-outs you had on Friday’s show? Curious. h/t @viralread” Journalists don’t usually mind citing their material. I’m sure she won’t respond though. Also, we still want to know, “.@Soledad_OBrien WHO sent you the EMAIL with the TPM blog in it attacking the Paul Ryan plan? Dem staff? h/t @ali”

Paul Ryan Shirtless--FOR REAL!

It was searched for more than his budget days after he was tapped as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. Ask and ye shall receive. TMZ did it again. Newsworthy. And the Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan gals have this:

Paul Ryan's Nerd Wave -- Wassup!

He’s been doing this a lot lately. He started with waving the right arm, then the left, then he got excited and the nerd excitement wave came:   And just yesterday in Ohio:   Update 8/16/2012 4:22PM ET: The girls at Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan have done it again:  

African-Americans on CNN Call Biden's "Chains" Comments Racist

Today, CNN provided ample coverage to Biden’s remarks at a campaign speech yesterday. In direct repudiation of Roland Martin’s commentary on AC360, not a single African-American would defend Vice President Joe Biden’s “put y’all in chains” comments made in Danville, Virginia. Many went so far as to characterize Biden’s remarks as racist or having racial undertones. Those upset with Biden’s remarks included Artur Davis, the former Democrat Congressman from Alabama, […]

VIDEO: President Obama Fesses Up on $716 BILLION Medicare Cut for Today's Seniors

President Obama has protested claims that Obamacare cut Medicare’s funding by even a penny. Fact-checkers like, Politifact, and Bloomberg News said that Romney and the GOP’s claim that Obamacare cuts Medicare by $500B. The Obama campaign has recently been everywhere on the issue as the Romney campaign has continued to highlight it against the protest of Sunday morning media pundits. Turns out it was $716B for future Medicare funding-and […]

Barbara Comstock Responds to Soledad O'Brien

We broke news yesterday and it went viral, making its way into Virginia House of Delegates member and Republican strategist Barbara Comstock‘s email inbox. She was shocked to learn the news that CNN’s Soledad O’Brien was reading an email sent to her which included talking points and a blog post from the liberal, Talking Points Memo. Here’s what she just posted on her Facebook fanpage: YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: […]

VIDEO: Obama in His Own Words -- Eating Dog Meat

Looks like an opposition research staffer just got his or her wings.   The YouTube channel to which this is posted to joined just today and has no other videos posted. The user’s name is “Scott Williams” and was leaked out to The Weekly Standard.

Caught: Soledad O'Brien Uses Liberal Blog to Attack Ryan Plan

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien is no stranger to controversy or rightful journalistic scrutiny. She’s frequently been exposed for reading Wikipedia or talking points on the air, always disparaging a conservative guest on her program. Tonight, she was the substitute host for Anderson Cooper, a program that boasts of its reputation for “keeping [politicians] honest.” During her interview with Virginia House of Delegates Republican member Barbara Comstock, O’Brien became visibly flustered and […]