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Kevin Spacey Photobombs Tourist While Jogging

How do you become an overnight internet celebrity? You could be a young child coming home from the dentist, an awkward kid pretending to be a Jedi, or you could just be a lucky girl who’s vacation snapshot was photobombed by Kevin Spacey! While out on a run, the House of Cards actor decided to have a little fun with a Boston tourist taking the same photo everyone else takes […]

Walmart to Offer Advance Tickets to 'Man of Steel'

Walmart is a great place to shop for well… just about anything. Now, thanks to a deal struck with Warner Brothers, shoppers can purchase movie tickets to see the new Superman movie at participating theaters. Ticket sales will be available at Walmart before any other venue giving shoppers the chance to secure tickets early.

#Fail: Zooey Deschanel Mistakenly Identified as Boston Marathon Bomber

For a few moments the quirky starlet was mistakenly identified by a local Fox News affiliate as the Boston Marathon bomber.  Not because anyone actually believed Deschanel to be the culprit, but because the auto-correct, speech-to-text magic that translates live news broadcasts into closed captioning thought her name sounded like Chechen bomber Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. Say it fast enough and you can start to see - or rather hear - how […]

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer 3

April 16th, the Hollywood reporter released the latest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, the latest film in the franchise reboot! In the film, “James T. Kirk risks the lives of his entire crew to pursue a one man weapon of mass destruction.”   ViralRead is still not sure how we feel about redefining the canon . . . . . What do you guys think?

California Takes Action On Celebrity Swatting

Remember when prank calls included asking to speak to “Mike Rotch” or, at worst, the 4 a.m. Dominoes delivery? Prank calls used to be annoying, mostly benign mischief, but they have taken a much more sinister and destructive turn. In the past weeks, ViralRead has reported on the ‘swatting’ of Selena Gomez and Russell Brand.  Add to this list Diddy, Conservative blogger Erik Erickson, Chris Brown, Ashton Kutcher, and a Cheeseburger […]

Circus Elephant Latest Victim of a Drive-By

At 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning Carol was hanging out with her friends in the arena parking lot in Tupelo, MS, when a gunman drove up and opened fire. Carol was injured but a specialist is being flown in to tend to her. It is unclear whether Carol ever saw her attacker. Now read that paragraph again… only this time, Carol is an elephant. And since the shooting happened in Tupelo, […]