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Gallup Poll Highlights Public's Problem with GOP's 'Inflexibility'

In a Gallup poll released today, a sample of Democrats, Republicans, and independents reported that their main issue with the right is the party’s ‘inflexibility.’ Perhaps riding a wave of public sentiment following last week’s highly publicized same-sex marriage debates before the Supreme Court, the poll drudges up a tired critique of the GOP: they’re all wrinkly, wealthy, white guys who refuse to change with the times. However, read the […]

Cypriot President Breaks His Silence

Center-right leader Nicos Anastasiades addressed civil servants in the capital city of Nicosia today, just one day after banks reopened across the country following a nearly two-week shutdown. Amid jabs at banking authorities in Cyprus and Europe, Anastasiades insisted that despite the crescendo of international concern, Cyprus would remain on the EU’s single-currency system. “We have no intention of leaving the euro,” he stated this afternoon, adding, “In no way […]

Banks Open, Stock Exchange Remains Closed in Cyprus

Today, Cypriot banks will open their doors to customers for the first time in two weeks. Anticipating a major run on deposits, the Finance Ministry has imposed strict capital controls to stop depositers from cleaning out their vaults. These include a 300 Euro per day withdrawal cap, a ban on check cashing, and an injunction on the foreign transfer of funds. Economists rightfully predicted that citizens would be flocking to […]

Gang of Eight Senators Witness Border Crossing in Arizona

Half the members of the “Gang of Eight”- a bipartisan group of senators tapped to create an immigration bill- caught quite the show today while touring the border between Arizona and Mexico. In one of the best examples of bad timing ever, a woman scaled an 18-foot bollard fence as she attempted to enter the United States illegally…just as John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bennet, and Jeff Flake were walking […]

One Year After Prostitute Scandal, President Obama Appoints First Female Secret Service Director

Dodging criticism that his second-term post picks haven’t been ‘inclusive’ enough, President Obama has just selected the Secret Service Agency’s first female director, veteran agent Julia Pierson. “Julia is eminently qualified to lead the agency that not only safeguards Americans at major events and secures our financial system, but also protects our leaders and our first families, including my own,” the President explained in a statement today. Pierson’s appointment- which […]

The Battle for Marijuana in Maryland

This week, the Maryland Senate voted on a measure to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of marijuana. The proposed legislation would allow individuals caught with less than ten grams of pot to slide by with no jail time and a fine capped at $100. Under the current law, possession of this amount carries a punishment of up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine. Though the bill passed […]

#CPAC2013 Panel: 'The New Tea Party: Organized, Growing, and Dominating Social Media'

This morning’s panel on the rising influence of the Tea Party and its social media presence rocked an audience of empty chairs in an instance of biting irony. Rusty Humphries, a nationally syndicated radio host, steered the discussion- whose participants cleverly included two women and a black guy. Each panel member confidently affirmed the Tea Party’s viability, citing everything from Rand Paul’s filibuster to Rand Paul’s filibuster, and laid out […]

#CPAC2013: Mike Lee

After taking the stage forty minutes late and switching rooms at the last minute, Utah Senator Mike Lee finally managed to rally the crowd with his quick speech on the importance of limited government and its roots in the Constitution. “Government does not have the capacity to create civil society; it does have the capacity to kill it,” claimed Senator Lee. “America is extraordinary not because of who we are, but […]