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Mother of "#Idol" Contestant Supportive-Delusional-Whatever, but Sister Likely Knows Better

Last night on the season premiere of FOX’s American Idol, contestant #23141 had the judges laughing. It was four firm “No!’s.” This tone-deaf competitor clearly had no idea she lacked the ability to sing. She didn’t get the golden ticket to Hollywood — and thank God for that. Although, that didn’t dissuade the mother of the grief-stricken contestant from assuring the cameras that her daughter, “has a golden ticket in her heart.” Whatever […]

Boston Now Taunting NYC Mayor On His Home Turf

A&E’s new Boston-based reality show “Southie Rules” has taken the city’s rivalry with New York to a new level with an ad campaign aimed at the city’s notoriously nanny-like mayor and it’s uber-sensitive citizens. The ads, so far displayed only on NYC’s outdated phone booths, don’t pull any punches. In an obvious shot at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s city-wide ban on large sodas, ostensibly aimed at curbing the city’s obesity problem, […]

HBO's Lena Dunham Compares Black Republican Character to Nazi

Lena Dunham, that thick girl from the Girls series on HBO you’ve never heard of (although you may remember her from a web video that Obama campaign launched) is at it again. In an interview with Vulture, Dunham gives a sneak peek at a new character, a love interest played by Donald Glover. The show needed a black character after fans complained that the show was too white. The interview, […]

Review: Sorkin's The Newsroom

“America is not the greatest country in the world.” Thus frames the narrative for this story revolving around a newsroom, its staff and the main character, Will McAvoy.  The story presents McAvoy as the most popular man in news. He makes a headline-grabbing outburst after admitting being on medication for vertigo, his staff leaves weeks later, then to top things off during an epic shouting match between his new Executive […]