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Human Rights Campaign's Equality Sign Goes Viral, Undergoes Many Changes

In response to the Supreme Court’s hearings on Proposition 8 this week, the Human Rights Campaign launched an online Facebook movement, in which people changed their profile pictures to a giant pink equal sign: Of course, lots of other people and companies created their own versions of the equality sign:           From HBO’s True Blood:   This one is self-explanatory:   Something Grumpy Cat agrees on? […]

CIA Sponsors Art War - Pollock More Effective Than Nukes

There were always rumors that the cloak and dagger world of the CIA and the wild weird world of modern art were intimately intertwined.  Despite the fact that many modern artists were extreme leftists (including many former communists), their artwork thumbed its nose at Soviet Communism as much as it did stuffy corporate America. Now former CIA agents are talking openly about how the US Intelligence agency secretly funded Abstract […]