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Florida Woman Attacks Boyfriend with Knife Because He Farted

It was just established that Florida is crazy. But now the Sunshine State is getting even crazier:
A Florida woman was accused of throwing a knife at her longtime boyfriend - all because he farted in her face. It’s safe to assume that the only possible explanation was that they were watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail and he decided to reenact this legendary scene:

War Talk: Syria Warns Israel 'Will Suffer' After Air Strikes

Israel’s air strikes against targets in Syria this weekend may signal the beginning of wider Israeli involvement in the two-year-old civil war that Syrian rebels have waged against the Assad regime. A Syrian official warned Sunday that Israel “will suffer” in retaliation for attacks that apparently targeted weapons shipments and a military research facility near Damascus. “When they attack, this is a declaration of war,” Syria’s deputy foreign minister told […]

VIDEO: Second Explosion at Boston Marathon Caught on Camera

Here we see first-hand the mass confusion and utter chaos created by the attack at the Boston Marathon finish line earlier today. The first explosion created a presence of mind to turn on cameras and begin filming. As soon as one person says, “Something just blew up,” we see the chaos created by the second explosion. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (1) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (0) Aww (0)

Kim Jong Un Declares War Against The US, Internet Laughs in His Face

The recently “elected” leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, revealed to the world that the North Korea is at a State of War with the United States, specifically targeting cities in the U.S., like New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles. This sent the interwebs into a frenzy creating memes, GIFs, and other pictures as a retort to North Korea’s supposed assault plan. We’ve compiled a list of […]