HP Workers at Risk of Geese Attacks

Well this is freaky. Turns out that the beloved Hewlett-Packard Company has some serious issues - with geese. Here are some further details:

A visitor to the tech giant’s Boise, Idaho, office recently had an altercation with a pissed-off goose that was serious enough that officials decided to address the problem with a memo titled “Boise Site Communication: Avoiding Geese Attacks.”

Hewlett-Packard spokesman Michael Thatcher acknowledged the memo and told The Huffington Post it was sent out as a preventive measure after a visitor to the Boise office “had a run-in with a goose.”

There has been no fowl play since then, but officials didn’t want any more feathers flying, so they sent out a memo April 10 to HP’s Boise employees.

Sources said those workers found it so “unintentionally hilarious” that they have been forwarding it to employees at other HP locations.

H/T Huffington Post

What’s good for the goose is good for the laughter. Although…


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