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Matt Kemp Gives Fan an Autograph...and the Shirt Off his Back (Dare Ya not to Tear Up)

In our never-ending quest to bring you stories that prove the goodness of humankind, made manifest through sports, ViralRead has found our favorite tear-jerking moment of the year (well if not our favorite it’s at least neck and neck with little Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown for the Huskers). Seriously - bust out the kleenex and wait for your lower lip to start trembling uncontrollably. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp is about to remind us that sports can mean so much more than the game itself:

8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Sees his Wish Come True

U.S. Soccer may have seen its most stellar performance of this season as one player scored four goals in a single match — including the game-winner. No matter what they tried, the Portland Timbers were unable to contain the 60 lb. freight-train that is Atticus Lane-Dupree. Lane-Dupree is an 8-year-old cancer survivor, and with the help of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, he and his youth team, The Green Machine, got to […]

Film Critic Roger Ebert Dies After Battle With Cancer

Roger Ebert, described by Forbes as one of the most powerful pundits in America, passed away at the age of 70 after a battle with cancer. He was known for his film reviews in the Chicago Sun Times (which he wrote since 1967), and for his television programs which he co-hosted with Gene Siskel for a combined 23 years. “No good film is too long,” he once wrote, a sentiment […]

3 Fallacies of Social Farting

Canada’s comparison of “Social Smoking” to “Social Farting” has some falsehoods, and here they are. 1. No woman in the history of mankind has ever, nor will ever, pick up a guy by farting. No matter how hot she is. (See point #3 for more info) 2. No matter how much you fart it will not give you cancer (this maybe debatable). It is however, a good way to burn some […]