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Top 10 Lines From Doctor Who Spring Premiere

The Spring premiere of Doctor Who was full of the one-liners and silliness that define the show. So let’s save a few of them to cherish forever, shall we? 10. The Doctor: “Monks are not cool!” 9. “I’m the Doctor. I’m an alien from outer space. I’ve got two hearts and I can’t fly a plane! Can you?” 8.    7.   6.   5. 4. The Doctor: “Souls trapped […]

Doctor Who Is Back!

Aaaaand we’re back in the TARDIS! After three long months waiting for answers about Clara Oswin Oswald (the Doctor’s newest companion), we jumped back into present-day London, where our third iteration (yes, she died twice already) of Clara is living with family friends, taking care of the children.   The Doctor, wandering through the year 1207, receives a call on the TARDIS from Clara, but this version of Clara doesn’t remember […]

Game of Thrones’ Robb Stark + Dr. Who’s Clara = Nerds’ Head Exploding

The Season 3 premiere of the beloved show Game of Thrones airs March 31st. That’s ELEVEN days. The trailer was released yesterday - check it out below: On top of that, Doctor Who’s back. In TEN days. And with a NEW companion! Clara. Here’s the most recent trailer for Dr. Who, season eight: Alright nerds, are you ready for your heads to explode? Robb Stark and Clara sitting in a tree… […]