Top 10 Lines From Doctor Who Spring Premiere

The Spring premiere of Doctor Who was full of the one-liners and silliness that define the show. So let’s save a few of them to cherish forever, shall we?

10. The Doctor: “Monks are not cool!”

9. “I’m the Doctor. I’m an alien from outer space. I’ve got two hearts and I can’t fly a plane! Can you?”








4. The Doctor: “Souls trapped like flies in the world wide web.”
Clara: “Isn’t that basically twitter?”




1.  Clara: “Sometime after seven good for you?”
The Doctor: “It’s a time machine, any time is good for me.”



Now you’re ready for next week!

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  1. April 3, 2013  1:24 am by Gaby Greig Reply

    Great post from emerging writer Sarah Cresto!

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