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Adam Scott Becomes First Australian To Win the Masters

Forget Tiger and The Chosen Guan. Adam Scott has just won his first major, becoming the first Australian ever to win the Masters Tournament. It became all about Scott v. Angel Cabrera as both men birdied on the 72nd hole during regular tournament play to force a sudden death playoff.  With very light rain coming down, the two golfers set off on 18 again and both shot for par (4). Then in […]

A Dummy's Guide to Enjoying the Masters

If you’re anything like me, you don’t understand the appeal of golf. The game is slow, the crowd is quiet, the ball is practically impossible to follow on the TV screen, and each round is a whopping four hours long. But, after being forced to endure countless Sunday afternoons with my father and the Golf Channel, I’ve managed to pick up enough to make the Masters somewhat enjoyable. And if […]