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6 Pictures Of Martin Richard, 8 Year Old Victim in the Boston Marathon Bombings

The youngest victim of last week’s Boston Marathon Tragedy, 8-year-old Martin Richard, was laid to rest today. While the photo (immediately below) of Martin standing mere feet from the bomb that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planted has widely circulated the Internet, some other photos have not. We’ve got six pictures below of Martin in the years before his short life was ended.

Bottoms Up: 8 Crazy Drinks

Usually people who drink get crazy, but what about the drinks themselves? We’ve included eight weird, but awesome, drinks below. We’ve linked recipes for each, by the way. Go get hammered! Everything But: The drink for conspiracy theorists. Everything but what? Why won’t they tell us? Who created this drink and why? Weep No More: Forget your problems and your name! And who’s driving you home. Killer Koolaid: It’s harmless, […]