Rep. Steve King at #CPAC2013

AP Photo

Representative Steve King of the 4th Congressional District of Iowa is speaking at CPAC on Saturday morning.  Speaking on the importance of principles, Congressman King went opposite Donald Trump by telling attendees that winning requires more conservatism, not less.  Regarding people who try to rebrand the Republican Party, he said this:  ”They’re never going to rebrand conservatives.”

“I stood on life and I stood on marriage.  I didn’t run only on jobs and the economy, jobs and the economy.”  Congressman King stressed the crucial key of combining all elements or “pillars” of American greatness, which requires speaking on life and marriage and remaining true to conservative principles.  What Congress is pushing today, rather than addressing pressing issues, is meaningless:  ”It seems to me to be a hollow agenda.”

The six-term Congressman is rumored to be a favored GOP candidate for an open Iowan U.S. Senate seat. This possibility has not been without controversy due to Karl Rove’s “Conservative Victory Project” is feverishly seeking to filter out “undisciplined” candidates.

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