Google Introduces Google Nose

“Smelling is believing.”

Search giant Google released another totally-real-feature today, debuting an all-new dimension within search results: smells.

To get started, simply do a Google search. Let’s try an easy search first.


Then, click on ‘Nose (Beta)’! You’ll be taken to a screen that shows a lovely woman using Google Nose (Beta).

Want to try it our for yourself? Great! Click on ‘Try Google Nose (Beta)’. You’ll be taken to a search result for a random odorous thing, like waffles, a campsite, or, as we show you below, a Dumpster! Just put your nose up to the screen and hit ‘Smell’, followed by ‘Start Smelling’.


If Google Nose (Beta) isn’t working for you,  be sure to check out the official help list:

 It is April Fools’ Day.

And yes, I did actually fall for this the first time. Only when I reached the help list did I realize my #fail.

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