Top 10 Bacon Themed Novelty Items

Now we all know if you don’t love bacon, you are wrong. But how many of these novelty items do you think you could stomach?


10. Bacon Soap

Your hands might not be clean after using this, but they sure will taste good! Of course, if you’re eating your hands, you might have some bigger issues.


9. Bacon Candle

Now your house can smell like bacon 24/7!


8. Bacon Balm

Hey girls, I’m sure your boyfriend would love it if you started using this flavor!


7. Bacon Lollipops

We’ll skip commentary on these. Let your imagination do the work.


6. Bacon Popcorn

Double the heart attacks!


5. Bacon Toothpaste

This bacon novelty will definitely help you start your day off the right way!



4. Bacon Candy Canes

Everyone’s favorite holiday treat, bacon style!


3. Bacon Soda

A refreshing bacon-flavored beverage!

2. Bacon Bandages

Well, they might not stop the bleeding, but they will definitely cheer you up! And don’t eat them.


1. Bacon Dress!

Because style never tasted, or looked, so good!


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