John Avlon Doubles Down on Stupid Against Sarah Palin and Her PAC

Last week we told you about senior Newsweek and Daily Beast columnist, and CNN contributor John Avlon’s vendetta against Sarah Palin and her political action committee, SarahPAC, with which he claimed that Palin’s PAC was actually set up to make political consultants rich, even as she railed against the richness of political consultants. This claim was thoroughly debunked by our publisher in an op-ed on The Blaze.

Well Avlon is back, doubling down on his erroneous claims in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, claiming “the vast amount of the money raised and spent in the last election cycle was on consultants. It did not go to candidates. In fact less than $300,000 went to candidates.”

Avlon seems to still be ignoring the fact that SarahPAC is only allowed by federal law to give $5,000 per candidate, per election and the PAC does max that out. Does Avlon think that Palin should endorse a candidate in every election, for every federally elected position in the country, every year? Should SarahPAC donate to every candidate or should they use discretion by donating to candidates that Palin agrees with?

Either Avlon is a poor journalist and he is ignorant to FEC laws or he is willfully twisting the story out of spite for Palin, whose endorsements and consulting have been a major boon for underdog candidates throughout the country.

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  1. April 2, 2013  12:57 am by Finrod Reply

    John Avlon has a streak going of doubling down on stupid; you need a backgammon doubling cube just to keep track of it.

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