Cubs’ Curse of the Billy Goat Rears its Head Again - This Time Literally

Wrigley Field
For Cubs fans, the following numbers stick out like a sore thumb:

105 - the number of years since the Cubs’ last World Series Championship
68 - the number of years since the Cubs’ last National League Championship
5 - the number of years since the Cubs’ last National League Central Division Championship — also the number of years since the Cubs were last in the playoffs

Yesterday about 2 PM Central a man drove up to Wrigley Field and and handed a package to a security guard at Gate K, according to police and Cubs spokesman Julian Green.

The man asked the guard to deliver the package to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, then got back into his truck and drove away, police said. Security officials found the goat’s head inside. The head was all black and had a U.S. Department of Agriculture tag on its ear, police said.

Goats are part of Cubs lore, dating back to a supposed curse placed on the team by the late Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis during the 1945 World Series after Sianis’ goat was denied entrance into the park. Sianis had come to Game 4 with two box seat tickets, one for him and one for his goat. They paraded around for a few innings, but Wrigley demanded the goat leave the park due to its unpleasant odor. Upon his ejection, Mr. Sianis uttered, “The Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” The Cubs lost Game 4, lost the Series, and have not been back since. It has also been said by many that Sianis put a “curse” on the Cubs, apparently preventing the team from playing in the World Series.

Whether this is a threatening gesture of protest by an angry fan or simply another attempt to eradicate the “curse,” this story will undoubtedly go down as one of the strangest of the 2013 baseball season which is only 11 days old.

(h/t Bleacher Report and Chicago Tribune)

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