Dodgers Fans Forced To Wear Diamondbacks Gear Or Else Lose Seats

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here - at least not while wearing the visiting team’s colors.

A group of Dodger fans bought out a suite in Chase Field right behind home plate for the Dodgers vs Diamondbacks game, paying $3,000+ per ticket. You’d think that for that price they could wear whatever they wanted. However, their seats made them incredibly conspicuous, and according to Deadspin they were approached by Diamondbacks’ owner Ken Kendrick and told they had to either move or cover up the Dodger blue.

Dodger fans at the beginning of game:

Dodger fans at end of game:

Kendricks’ frustration is understandable; there’s nothing more annoying than fans of the opposing team in the home team’s park. But still, the choice between putting a rival’s gear and keeping your seat is a tough call.

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