Jets Lose their Best Player; Jets Fans Lose their Minds

Somebody get Mike Greenberg an antacid. Pending a physical, it appears that the New York Jets will be parting ways with their best player (and arguably the best CB in the league) Darelle Revis after months of a contentious and closely-watched off-season soap opera. Tampa Bay was all Buccan-ears when it came to trade talks, and as soon as their team physicians sign off on it, Revis will be on his way to Sunny Florida.  The Jets are basically forced to make a trade, or they will be left with nothing but a compensatory pick when Revis becomes a free-agent.

The Jets hope to get at least a first round pick (13) plus a couple later round picks this year and next from the Bucs in the deal, but no offer is official yet.

The other half of the Jets’ now former cornerback tandem is Antonio Cromartie, and he’s none too happy about it. Cromartie told the NY Daily News: “It sucks. That’s my reaction: It sucks. Losing a guy like that just sucks. A leader in the locker room, a leader in the classroom, a leader on the field. A great playmaker on the field. It just sucks losing a guy like that.”

Fans reactions have been the same:

And as the last poster puts it, it won’t take long for Revis to return to Rex Ryan’s Three-Ring Big Top and show fans just what they’ve given up. Maybe if he picks Sanchez enough times, that Tebow kid’ll get a chance to play a little football again. ViralRead will be watching. We love a good circus…

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