New TV Series: The Originals

Attention Vampire Diaries fans: you have another show to add to your weekly roster! The CW announced that it was ordering The Originals to series after airing a backdoor pilot on Thursday night. The pilot, titled The Originals, was incorporated as a part of the network’s most successful series The Vampire Diaries.


The Originals will follow Klaus , the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, and his siblings, the other orignal vampires, as they move back to New Orleans and attempt to take back the city they used to run. Their efforts are complicated by Klaus’s former protege, Marcel, who currently control New Orleans and its supernatural community.

Take a look at the trailer for last Thursday’s episode:


Fans of The Vampire Diaries were polarized by the spinoff’s pilot episode, which introduces some strong characters such as Marcel, the new king of New Orleans. By far the biggest issue many had with the episode was (*SPOILERS*) the twist that werewolf Hayley is carrying Klaus’s child. We’ll see how The Vampire Diaries will incorporate these new story lines into the end of its fourth season.

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