Flying Fox Steals Milk Gotham City Style (VIDEO)

The plot began like most modern films: A crafty flying fox (which is a bat, not a fox) sneaking past his handlers and stealing a bottle of milk.

Tobermory, which - for the record - is one of the coolest names ever - was an injured flying fox that was hand fed until he was old enough to be weaned. But the clever little cutie wanted to keep on feeding from a bottle!

Each year vaccinated wildlife rescuers hand rear baby flying foxes. At the end of the hand rearing process, (usually at about 13 weeks of age) the weaned babies are sent to baby bat crèche where they learn appropriate battie socialization skills. Tobermory had wing tip injuries sustained on rescue and shared the hospital aviary with several others, including 2 little guys who still required a morning bottle feed. As I searched in the bedding materials for the recipients, (weaned) Tobermory snuck over and made off with one of the bottles. I was impressed with his stealth and ingenuity and the fact he knew the bottle needed to be upended for the milk to flow. He afterwards got a bowl of warm milk for his trouble. Tobermorey is a grey headed flying fox and after his injuries were resolved, he was released back into the wild with his 60 crèche companions.

Furry creatures everywhere rejoice: