Steve Smith Plays Dirty With Mark Sanchez: ‘He Sucks’

Mark Sanchez would probably like to remind the world that he was a highly valued (if largely unproven) 1st round draft pick for the NY Jets, and in his first two seasons he led them to two AFC Championship games.

Know who doesn’t care? Well yes - ownership who put him in the cross-hairs of Tebowmania and just drafted Geno Smith to nip at his heels. Know who else though? Steve Smith. Yes - Steve Smith the All-Pro wide-receiver for the Carolina Panthers.

Smith was co-hosting a radio sports-talk program on WFNZ in Charlotte Wednesday, when he made it clear how much he respects Sanchez:

“He sucks. I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

Sanchez wasted no time in responding showing the same grit and fire he displayed on the gridiron all last season:

“I wish him and his team a healthy, successful season.”

Somewhere in heaven, Rodney Dangerfield feels like a pillar compared to Sanchez. Kid gets no respect. No respect we tell ya…


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