Nike’s PR Department Remains Busy Over T-Shirt Blunders

Who exactly is in charge of QC over at Nike‘s apparel division these days, anyway?


First, you’ll remember, Nike accidentally gave us post-Boston Bombing Tragedy t-shirts of a dubious nature, which they were forced to hastily recall:

Nike T Shirts

Which they promptly followed up by failing 5th grade geography with the particularly embarrassing misidentification of an entire state:

nike carolina

That…uh… that there’s South Carolina gang, and guess what — Nike has once again been forced to remove the offending T-shirt from store shelves. Nike spokesman Brian Strong explained that “the product should not have been sold. We have removed it from sale and apologize for the error.”

Okay, we’ll give you this one, Nike. After all, the NFL does operate in a world where neither the NY Jets nor Giants plays in New York state, many folks believe the Chiefs play in Kansas and the Oakland Raiders spent a hot, steamy bewildering minute in a cheap motel in Irwindale. It gets confusing. For the sake of your screen-printers, though, we just hope the NFL doesn’t set up new franchises in North Dakota, West Virginia or even New Mexico (we’d hate to see the next geographical misprint usurp the sovereignty of an outright country…).

But hang in there Nike apparel. Your advertising department still wins the Corporate Gaffe Award for the year:


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