Marathon Mom Gives Birth While in Training

Remember how impressed we were a month ago when we reported on hockey super-fan Donna Lebano, who ignored labor pains so she could watch her beloved Chicago Blackhawks win a playoff game against the Minnesota Wild? We thought the official tough-mom bar had been set.

That is until we heard about Trish Staine.

Staine is a 33-year-old runner who was in training for a half marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. She had just wrapped up a two hour training run when she started having mysterious back pain. Unsure of what was causing the backache, she went to the hospital where doctors performed a series of tests. Those tests revealed a fetal heartbeat, and two days later Staine gave birth to a 6 lb, 6 oz. baby girl.

“I was like, no no no. There’s no way I’m pregnant,” Staine said, “but they rushed me up to the birthing center, and five minutes after I got into my room, she was born.”

Her husband John had had a vasectomy, so they had no reason to believe she was pregnant. She told WDIO in Duluth, ”I didn’t gain any weight. I had my period. I had no idea.”

Her daughter was born 5 weeks early, but aside from slightly low blood sugar, she is healthy. The couple named her Mira - short for miracle.

Forget 26.2 miles on a good (not preggers) day; this marathoner mom busted out a hilly 2-hour jaunt in her 7th month.

Hockey mom, ya got competition.

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