Did @MileyCyrus Just Kinda Almost-Not-Quite Announce She’s Gay?

Either (a) 20-year-old pop singer Miley Cyrus is just trying to be controversial and “edgy,” or (b) the former child star of the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana is ready to “Party In The Vee Jay Jay.”

For those who don’t follow the celebrity tabloids, some backstory is necessary: Last year, there was a wild tabloid rumor that Miley had a sexual affair with Jennifer Lawrence. That caused one gossip site to huff indignantly: “Miley has never shown bi-sexual tendencies.” But then there was a rumor that Miley’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth had an affair with January Jones and then there were breakup rumors. And then Miley got her hair cut short — like, super-short.

We’re talking Women’s-Studies-major-playing-shortstop-for-the-college-varsity-women’s-softball-team short.

OK, so this week Miley did an interview with the Toronto Sun and out of a clear blue sky said this:

“Everyone said I was a lesbian but I’m like, ‘Being a lesbian isn’t a bad thing. So if you think I look like I’m a lesbian, I’m not offended. You can call me much worse.’ I’ve been called much worse. Being a lesbian is a compliment more than what else they call me.”

Hey, did Miley With The Short Hair Who Broke Up Her Fiancé just say, “Being a lesbian isn’t a bad thing … Being a lesbian is a compliment”? Because I think she did, and what’s the deal with this new picture on her Twitter profile?


On her Twitter profile photo, Miley Cyrus makes an interesting gesture.

Informed sources say that this gesture — the V-fingers and extended tongue — is sort of the international signal for “Tuna Tacos at the All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet.” And maybe Miley’s just trying to be all controversial and edgy, but a writer for the Huffington Post “Gay Voices” section points out that the singer has previously waved the rainbow flag:

The “We Can’t Stop” singer has long been a supporter of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. In 2011, Cyrus got an equality sign tattooed on her middle finger in support of same-sex marriage. She has said her favorite fans are her gay fans, she praised Disney for introducing a same-sex couple and even tweeted about having sexy dreams about Katy Perry.
Last month, Cyrus stopped by the Facebook headquarters to help kick off LGBT Pride Month with the FB staff.

Wait — Miley “tweeted about having sexy dreams about Katy Perry”? How the heck did ViralRead staff miss that? Speaking of things we missed, Miley Cyrus see-through dress with no bra? (Rumors that management is changing the name of the site to CelebrityLesbianNipples.com can neither be confirmed nor denied.) But this whole “sexy maybe lesbian” thing is probably just a publicity stunt for Miley. Now that Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street came out as gay, and Taylor Swift was branded “THE WHORISH FACE OF DOOMED AMERICA,” it’s getting tough for celebrities to be “controversial and edgy” anymore. And this video for Miley’s hit song “We Can’t Stop” is nine kinds of crazy.

Anybody old enough to remember when Madonna‘s bellybutton was controversial?



  1. July 18, 2013  8:52 pm by Bob Belvedere Reply

    We really should start an online news margazine that is a cross between TMZ, the Weekly World News, the old, 1970's National Lampoon, and the old CREEM.

    It would help us chase those Leftist Hegemony Blues away.

    • July 19, 2013  8:37 am by Teecee Lynch Reply

      I get to be Lester Bangs! And if not, "Boy Howdy!"

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  3. July 18, 2013  10:15 pm by thatmrgguy Reply

    Another sad commentary on our modern pop culture and the sorry media that promotes it instead of excoriating it.

  4. July 19, 2013  3:10 am by Finrod Reply

    Heck, I remember the story about how it was controversial that the comic strip Beetle Bailey showed belly buttons.

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