Trolls Attack Salvation Army Kickstarter Campaign to End Sex Trafficking

The Salvation Army Vision Network ( has launched a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to look at the connections between the  sex industry and the horrors of sex trafficking. According to the Kickstarter page,

HARD CORPS, a feature length documentary by the Salvation Army Vision Network, plunges down the rabbit hole of “the sex industry” to see what’s on the other side. The undeniable connection between addiction and pornography serves the growing business of Human Sex Trafficking and this film proposes to uncover the façade of pornography as “a harmless pastime for consenting adults.” It pulls back the curtain to reveal the ugly reality of addiction, infidelity, prostitution, child abuse, rape and Human Sex Trafficking.

Although it initially seems like an novel idea, the Internet has exploded with criticism and disapproval. Melissa Gira Grant, a blogger who has compiled all new updates in the developing story, says this:

A documentary project raising money on Kickstarter (not news I know) about “sex trafficking” (also, not news) uses on its project page and video and in the documentary trailer itself undercover footage shot of sex workers, apparently without their knowledge or consent.

The fact that the documentary uses “undercover footage… without their knowledge or consent” was challenged on the Kickstarter campaign’s FAQ:

Kickstarter Campaign FAQ

Despite this, however, the Twitterverse continues its apparent smear campaign.

Nina Hartley responds as well:

Notice, however, that she did not deny signing a consent form. Rather, she says, “I did not know that they would use my interview that way.”

Someone even went as far as to pledge $1 just so they could write a negative comment to the creators.

And others seem to simply have something against Salvation Army.

Despite all this, Guy Noland, the writer, producer and director of Hard Corp keeps his spirits high.

For more information, check out Melissa Gira Grant on Storify and the Kickstarter campaign page.

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