Nicki Minaj: ‘I Eat Turkey Bacon Every Day’

Yes, it’s breaking news. American Idol judge, Nicki Minaj had excellent one-liners during tonight’s airing of the show that is it in it’s 12th season. The show featured an awesome segment on Minaj dubbing contestants with stellar Minaj-esque names… something we all can aspire to receive (#nickinames). She gave another contestant the honor, ”I’m obsessed with you… [...]

Pro-Choice Group Sells Sex in Ad to Celebrate 40 Year Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (VIDEO) (UPDATE)

Does pro-choice meet critics claims that it’s actually “pro-abortion” and for promiscuity? Maybe if you’re judging by this ad which is causing controversy. No matter what one’s beliefs on the matter. This video is more The Devil’s Advocate meets his doppelganger smelf. If the Center for Reproductive Rights was trying to be provocative, they achieved that. [...]

Joe Biden 2016?

Vice President Joe Biden has “run for president twice before and didn’t miss by inches either time; he bombed.” Those runs, in 1988 and 2008, foundered early in the primaries. And Biden has hinted often about his desire to run again. But what if he’s serious this time? What can we expect to see in [...]

New Orleans Pelicans Logo Leaked? (PHOTO)

The New Orleans Hornets are changing their mascot and logo and we might have been given a glimpse at the new digs. Chris Creamer’s is reporting the new name is the New Orleans Pelicans and the cap looks pretty sharp. This could be rumor, as it was supposedly leaked on, which is a [...]

Obama’s Lose-Lose Situation on Keystone XL

President Obama has always given mixed messages regarding his energy policy. His inauguration speech has renewed this conflicted ideology, with the President insisting that his second term must address climate change. The White House website touts an official ‘all of the above’ strategy for attaining energy independence, yet the President continues to demagogue the issue [...]

VP Joe Biden plans ‘Fireside Chats’ on Gun Control via Google+

When I think of Vice President Joe Biden the first thing that comes to mind is ‘edgy’, ‘young’, ‘hip’, ‘technologically savvy’. Wait… that’s not right. If anything, I think of words like ‘bimbo’, ‘old man’, ‘outdated’, and ‘loose cannon’. However, it would appear that the Vice President is making one giant leap into the 21st [...]

Prepared Text: Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Senate Hearing

SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON SENATE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS WASHINGTON, DC WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2013 Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member, Members of the Committee, thank you for this opportunity. The terrorist attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 that claimed the lives of four brave Americans — Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and [...]

Unexpected Development from Davos, Derek Jeter on Lance Armstong…

Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beast and Newsweek, tweeted from the Davos conference, “Derek Jeter on @lancearmstrong, ‘Should have admitted mistake and moved on. He fooled everyone’ @davos“. Just days ago, it was announced the Yankee shortstop was clear to play ball again. Tweeters seemed thoroughly confused why he was a Davos attendee at all… Here’s a list of attendees.

New Techie “Table-let” Seems Oddly Familiar To Trekkies

Calling it the first “interpersonal computer,” Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is getting set to release a tablet computer roughly the size of a coffee table—ripped from the set of the Starship Enterprise and beamed directly to your living room. Debuting this week in Las Vegas’s annual cutting-edge consumer electronics concept and trade show, the Computer [...]

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