An Unlikely Super Bowl Endorsement?

Politics and sports have certain parallels. You have an offense and a defense, fair-weather fans and those bad calls by the refs. You could read the following prediction by former presidential candidate and Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum for hidden meanings. But there’s no need to. As a life-long Bengals fan, I understand why a Steelers [...]

Top 5 Banned Super Bowl Ads! (NSFW)

Every year businesses want to make a splash with their Super Bowl ads. Every year some businesses get turned down. Here at viral read, we give people what they want…even if CBS won’t. Be warned, some of this is NSFW. 1. Rolling Rock: Remember Your Cup (My personal favorite) 2. Bud Light: Apology Robot 3. PETA: [...]

Puppy Bowl IX Was Epic

Since 2004, Animal Planet has hosted what has effectively become the Super Bowl’s pregame: The Puppy Bowl. Pitting various puppies against each other in an adorable battle (also featuring hedgehog cheerleaders and a halftime “show” with adorable kittens) for Puppy Bowl glory, the game also serves as a vehicle for promoting animal adoption. All of [...]

Dictator Valentine’s Grams Bring Anti-Communists Together in the Name of Love

Valentine’s Day is upon us, comrades! Get ready to unveil your banquets of roses, chocolate, and plans for a romantic evening if you haven’t already. Are you tired of radical feminists hijacking this holiday with their grotesque Vagina Monologues play? Are you tired of people undermining life-long love? Are you determined to truly communicate your [...]

Marquese Scott Blows Minds Again

You may not know the name but you may know his first viral video. Marquese Scott did the crazy slow-mo dance to “Pumped Up Kicks” that had the internet debating if he the video was slowed or if he could actually dance in slow-mo. His latest video has been on YouTube for 3 days and [...]

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