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Jeff Bauman Jr.- Boston Victim in Graphic Viral Photo - Helped Identify FBI Suspects

It’s a horrifying photo that has become a haunting iconic image of the carnage of the Boston Marathon Tragedy: Jeff Bauman Jr. being briskly wheeled away from the bomb site, dazed and clinging to life, with only tattered remains where his lower legs once were. Jeff Bauman Jr. was a victim that day, but even in the face of unfathomable pain and anguish he was decidedly not a victim when he awoke [...]

Jeff Bauman Jr. - Boston Bombing Victim in Graphic Viral Photo Now in Stable Condition

One of the most startling and graphic images from yesterday’s Boston Marathon tragedy was of a young man being swiftly wheeled away from the site of the bombing - both legs completely gone from below the knees.  It is now being reported that that man is Jeff Bauman Jr. of Chelmsford, MA, and that he is currently in stable condition at Boston Medical Center. His father Jeff Bauman Sr. made [...]