Shhhhh - Don’t Talk About the Streak, Man!

Lebron James manhandled his ex-team last night by leading the Miami Heat to an astounding 27-point comeback victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers - all while running his team’s winning-streak to 24 consecutive victories.  They are now just ten games shy of breaking the record mark of 33 owned by the ’71-’72 Lakers. (Arrrgh! No jinx! No jinx!)

Speaking of this streak (Ugh stop! Your’re gonna curse it!) the rest of Miami’s schedule looks pretty darn workable (Knock on wood!) as they have only one possible underdog match in their next ten games - at the San Antonio Spurs on the 31st (Kenahora! Go Look it up; it’s Yiddish.)

James continued to crush the dreams of his former city with last night’s stunning triple-double.  He has consistently been on fire in this second-half of the season, and continues to solidify his place in the conversation of the “greatest all-around athlete to ever play in the NBA.”

All, of course, while fervently closing in on that 40 year-old win-streak record.  Which is so close now.  Almost within his grasp.






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  1. March 21, 2013  5:22 pm by Nathan Martin Reply

    I for one...believe it is a reverse jinx you are pulling. I am on to you Jeff!

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