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HBO's True Blood Season 6 Teaser (VIDEO)

The new season starts June 16th. And we’re all thinking, Bill’s a bad mother-shut your mouth — what’s going to happen? This season feels like the producers are ready to push the reset button. Maybe it’s time to kill off a main character? Who will rise up to challenge Bill’s newfound faith — and power? ViralRead can’t wait. #truebloods6 Reminder: HBO’s Game of Thrones starts tonight. ReactionLOL (0) It’s a Trappp! (0) […]

#MarchMadness: Your Guide to the Elite 8 - Today's Games

Oh, how very close we are getting to the Final Four! Cinderellas have waltzed into history, top seeds have been defeated. But there’s still a lot of basketball to watch, including today’s portion of the Elite 8 round. Find our analysis below. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our predictions for yesterday’s Wichita State -vs- Ohio State (dare we say?) shocker. Michigan (4) -vs- Florida (3) 2:20pm ET (CBS) […]

#MarchMadness: The 'Shock' Treatment Continues

9-seed Wichita State is on its way to the Final Four - only the fifth nine-or-higher seed to reach the Final Four since seeding began in 1979.  And they did it by vanquishing the powerful Ohio State Buckeyes. As ViralRead reported earlier, The Shockers are tough on defense — holding Pitt, Gonzaga, and LaSalle to a combined 35.5 percent shooting. They did not let up last night, allowing only 22 points in […]

Doctor Who Is Back!

Aaaaand we’re back in the TARDIS! After three long months waiting for answers about Clara Oswin Oswald (the Doctor’s newest companion), we jumped back into present-day London, where our third iteration (yes, she died twice already) of Clara is living with family friends, taking care of the children.   The Doctor, wandering through the year 1207, receives a call on the TARDIS from Clara, but this version of Clara doesn’t remember […]

Washington Post's Filler Error: 'gahhaha' in 'Can governors save the GOP?' Piece

In an article published 2 days ago, Washington Post Chief Correspondent Dan Balz, has a typ-err-error? The 16th paragraph simply reads, “gahhaha”. Intern’s fault? Copy editor? A Chris Christie fat joke that went unwritten? Endless possibilities as to the cause and intentions surrounding this error. Did anyone notice before just hours ago? Probably not. You need active readers to notice things like that. A Daily Kos diarist argues that WaPo needs more class warfare, while the Washingtonian […]

Hitler is Not Pleased With the NCAA Hockey Bracket (VIDEO)

The Frozen Four tournament is upon us once again, and some people are not too happy with the way the regional tournaments ended up. A Boston College fan made this hilarious video parodying the reaction of some Minnesota fans upset with the fact that BC is in a comparatively-easy regional. Minnesota was upset by Yale in the first round of the tournament. ReactionLOL (1) It’s a Trappp! (0) Bias (0) Losing (0) Fail (0) Winning (1) […]

Nevada Lawmaker Goes Off The Deep End, Arrested After Car Chase

The first lawmaker ever expelled from the Nevada Legislature, Democrat Steven Brooks, was arrested at gunpoint Thursday after a car chase into California only hours after his expulsion. In his third arrest since January, Brooks fled from police, who were alerted after a tow truck driver called for police assistance in dealing with an unruly motorist who had a flat tire. Even with a flat tire, however, Brooks continued to […]

Map of Doctor Who Alien Invasions

The people over at Londonist have created a color coded map of all the different places aliens have tried to invade Earth in the Doctor Who universe. Explore the interactive Doctor Who map here. They’ve colour coded all the different invasions and given episode references, too! Blue blobs represent the 1960s (plain for William Hartnell, dotted for Patrick Troughton) Green ones represent the 1970s (plain for Jon Pertwee, dotted for Tom […]

Pat Riley has Some Choice Words for Danny Ainge

Professional sports is replete with expletive-laden trash talk that has almost become a competition of its own. Players jaw at each other all the time, but sometimes it’s even more fun when the executives have at it - especially if they’re two NBA legends. “Danny Ainge needs to shut the fuck up and manage his own team. He was the biggest whiner when he was playing, and I know that […]

ViralRead Publisher Goes to Bat for Sarah Palin and Facts...

Activist/Journalist John Avlon decided that he should go after Sarah Palin for allegedly making consultants rich in spite of her going after consultants and the consultant class in Washington, DC: Ali Akbar, ViralRead’s publisher, rightly took umbrage with John Avlon’s cheap shots and commented in an editorial on the Blaze: Avlon needs to do his homework before opining…What Palin is going after is specific elite category of the consultant class: […]