Daniel Bostic, Hotness or Hotmess?

ViralRead was first introduced to the young actor, Daniel Bostic, during a special election run-off in April where his father, Curtis Bostic was up against now-Congressman Mark Sanford. Our Publisher and Editor even traveled down to the lowcountry district. Sadly, they came back with zero pictures of him. Epic fail.

Bostic took to Twitter to make an emotional exit from political activism and explain why he wasn’t going to support Sanford, then the Republican nominee. Admittedly, we loved every minute of it. To Bostic’s credit, he stuck to his convictions of Sanford, explaining to anyone who would listen that Christian doctrine dictated that Sanford was still having an affair by being with his Argentine mistress, Maria Belen Chapur. Rare trait in politics. Most activists are all about supporting their given party. Bostic’s father even ran an ad after his run-off defeat touting party unity. Class act.

None of that matters now. Remember, Bostic left politics, which puts him squarely in our jurisdiction in the Entertainment section.

Bostic is a prolific user of everything social media — Twitter, Instagram, Google hangouts, Facebook, and most recently Vine (he’s got a couple great ones there). He engages with his fans and generally posts about authentic life-living like the rest of us. However, last hour his Instagram followers got a real treat when he took a selfie with the caption, “Just another day. But I’m blessed to be alive. #gymlife”.

Daniel Bostic via Instagram.

Walking the fine line between #hotmess and #hotness, Bostic wins the day and lands gracefully in the hotness column. Who knew this skinny kid had this hiding under his bro-tanks? He’s the eventual celebrity you’ll love to hate and we intend on watching him closely. All of him.

You can follow him on Twitter at @debostic.


Someone find another grocery store lady!



UPDATE (May 30 8:30 AM ET): Bostic took to Storify to chronicle his experience. It also looks like he deleted his original picture and then reposted it. We’ve updated our article with the proper links and such.

Well this is my first storify, and not gonna lie it’s been pretty fun. No one is probably gonna read this but hey, at least I will be happy knowing that the full story has been documented and is floating around cyberspace taking up valuable space. See ya’ll!

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