States of America Funding State of Dependency

Step aside Georgia, there’s a new state in 8th place for population. The contingency of people on disability payments from government coffers have you beat.

As the numbers of people dependent on means-tested government programs continues to grow, enrollment records are being broken monthly. Record breaking is nothing new to government dependency programs; participants in disability programs have increased every month for the past 16 years.

Ohio, take note. The state of disability has you in their sights.

Even among means-tested government programs, disability is a small kid on the block. SNAP participants, commonly known as the federal food stamp program eclipses it. Funded by “Farm” bills, the population of individuals enrolled in the SNAP program would be equal to that of the most populous US state.

Medicaid has both of them beaten. At over 72 million members, Medicaid enrollment tops the population of countries like France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

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