VIDEO: Awesome Long-Snapping Mix Tape (That’s Right - We Said ‘Awesome’ and ‘Long Snapping’)

Know who doesn’t get the love in the game of football? Well yes — O-linemen don’t really get the love. But know who else? Okay — yes, sure also punters. Punters don’t get the love. But know who really, really  doesn’t get the love? Sigh…okay yes — placekick holders also, historically, do not get the…

Oh never mind. This is Zach Smith; he’s a long-snapper. He’s a high school student in Atherton, CA, and USC has already given him the love. He’ll start there this Fall. Here’s why:

Forget your QB mix tapes, flashy though they may be - dude just made the unheralded long-snapper position the sexiest thing in football since, well…um…

Well…since never. It’s just not. Sexy.

But seriously - nice mix tape, Zach. Long live the long-snapper!


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