Will the NBA Allow Lebron to Fail? (We’re Just Saying…)


The NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 is only hours away and the real question on everyone’s minds must be who is reffing and how will they call the game?

With a surprisingly competitive series between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers coming to a close with a winner-take-all game to decide who meets the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals, there is no question that the officials will play a significant role in the decision. They always do.

The key to the Pacers’ success thus far has been frustrating Lebron James and his crew defensively as well as dominating in the paint with their big, Roy Hibbert. The Heat have won their three games on the back of James who has had nights where there was no way to slow him down. The Pacers will look to pound the ball inside to Hibbert while doing their best to slow the pace of the game.


To date, the NBA has had its share of controversies with the playoffs, officials, and outcomes (though most have been debunked or at least played down enough for no further explanation). This theme still permeates with many fans. Regardless, there is no question or argument that star players get special treatment from the zebras. Will the officials let James do whatever he wants? Will there be quick fouls on Hibbert restraining him for most of the contest? The ultimate question…will they let the players decide this?

The Heat have the home court advantage, an always important factor in Game 7 match-ups, while the Pacers are the scrappy underdogs who continue to befuddle the defending champs.  It will come down to whether Lebron and company can out-shoot and out-run the inside dominance that Indiana will provide with Hibbert and the rest of their interior players.

The wildcard is always the guys with the whistles.


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