Judge Dismisses Racial Discrimination Claims Against Deen

A day late, a few million dollars short?

Lisa Jackson is a former manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, a Paula Deen-owned Savannah restaurant. Lisa Jackson is also white. And William T. Moore, a federal judge in Georgia, saw that latter fact as reason enough to find Jackson’s claims of racial discrimination at Bubba’s to be unfounded. Jackson’s claims of sexual harassment, however, are fair game for trial, according to Moore.

Deen lost millions of dollars in endorsement deals-and some pride in the court of public opinion and via YouTube apologies-when the discrimination charges first came to light. Regarding the dismissal, her rep stated: “As Ms. Deen has stated before, she is confident that those who truly know how she lives her life know that she believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone.”

Deen plans a maritime celebration next year.

courtesy pauladeencruise.com

courtesy pauladeencruise.com



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  1. August 15, 2013  5:54 pm by rosalie Reply

    She got the shaft big time.

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