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Random Laws That Actually Exist In The United States

You might want to check out this list of random laws in the United States to make sure you aren’t breaking any of them. 1. In Florida, it is considered an offense to shower naked. 2. In Oklahoma, people who make “ugly faces” at dogs may be fined and/or jailed. 3. In Chico, California, it is illegal to plant a garden in any public street. 4. In Los Angeles, California, […]

Alabama State Legislator Doubles Down On Racist Comments

As we stated on Wednesday, Rep. Joseph Mitchell (D-Mobile) had some VERY inflammatory statements regarding white people with guns in Alabama.  Instead of apologizing, like Rep. Don Young (R-AK) was forced to do after his inflammatory comments, it appears he has doubled down. YellowHammer politics has the full story: It appears that in spite of calls for the State Representative to resign, he is offering defiance. And NO apology. H/T […]

Alabama State Legislator E-Mails Epic Racist Rant

Alabama state Rep. Joseph Mitchell (D-Mobile) obviously had a lot of pent up frustration when a citizen sent a pro-Second Amendment e-mail to, well, practically every member of the state legislature. As first reported by Yellow Hammer Politics, the Democrat e-mailed them the whole e-mail chain. You can view it HERE Many were shocked by Mitchell’s initial response to a man named Eddie Maxwell:   And yes … it is […]

#CPAC2013: Artur Davis 'Freedom is not Tired - It's just Tired of not Being Defended'

Former Alabama Congressman, Artur Davis, who changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican in 2012, has become something of a hero to the right, and it was obvious when he took the stage today at CPAC. Davis began by excoriating the mainstream media “You know something kept occuring to me as we saw some of the unpleasant commentary about this conference. Isn’t it interesting that the same establishment media […]

New Weather Channel Reality Show Debuts Today

If watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address tomorrow night isn’t your thing, there’s an alternative at 9:00pm ET:  the debut of The Weather Channel’s new reality show, “Reef Wranglers”. Set off the coast of Alabama, “Reef Wranglers,” (formerly “Reefmakers”) follows a family of experienced divers and demolition experts who work to reduce erosion and pollution and to restore the area’s once thriving ecosystem by creating artificial reefs – […]

Alabama State Rep Leaves Democratic Party with a Bang

Imagine that you’re a state legislator. You’ve just opened your email… when you see a forwarded email containing this photo: via AL.com: On Jan. 23, [Democratic AL state representative Richard] Laird sent an email to a group of recipients that included House Speaker Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, state Rep. Duwayne Bridges, R-Valley, and state Rep. Mike Ball, R-Madison. Also copied on the email was Mellie Parrish of Lineville, a member of […]

Boy in Center of Alabama Hostage Standoff Released, Abductor Dead

A 5-year-old boy held captive for seven days in an underground bunker in southern Alabama is alive and his kidnapper, Jimmy Lee Dykes, is dead, FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen Richardson said at a press briefing on Monday afternoon. “Within the past 24 hours negotiations deteriorated and Mr. Dykes was observed holding a gun,” Richardson, of the Mobile, Ala., office, said in a brief statement. “At this point, FBI […]

Blogger Catches AP Inserting "Assault Rifle" into Alabama Hostage Story

Within less than twenty-four hours, the Associated Press changed its mind three times about what kind of weapon Jimmy Lee Dykes, the Alabama man thought to be holding a five-year-old boy hostage in his homemade, underground bunker, used to terrorize his neighbors. Yesterday, blogger Bob Owens grabbed a screen cap of the story: Yes, the Associated Press has been caught red-handed changing “shotgun” to “assault rifle” in their reporting. Since […]