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10 Things From the Boston Marathon Tragedy That Will Warm Your Heart

In all the chaos of yesterday at the Boston Marathon, there are some heart warming stories that show there are still some good people out there. 1. Those that helped out others 2. The Boston Police Department Seconds after the blast happened, the Boston Police Dapartment was there to help others amid the chaos: 3. The Runners that kept on running to give blood Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed […]

For John Kerry, Women’s Hockey Proves To Be Good For Something

In his first foreign policy victory as Secretary of State, John Kerry won a case of Molson Canadian lager from Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. John Kerry had bet a case of Sam Adams. The two made a bet over who would win the women’s world hockey championship (yup, there’s a women’s world hockey championship). No word on whether Kerry will share the beer with Amanda Kessel who scored the […]

3 Fallacies of Social Farting

Canada’s comparison of “Social Smoking” to “Social Farting” has some falsehoods, and here they are. 1. No woman in the history of mankind has ever, nor will ever, pick up a guy by farting. No matter how hot she is. (See point #3 for more info) 2. No matter how much you fart it will not give you cancer (this maybe debatable). It is however, a good way to burn some […]