Women Disrespect Trent Richardson’s House, Allegedly Get Beat Up by His Girlfriend

Respect My House!

Earlier in the week, Trent Richardson blamed himself for the “Crown of helmet hit rule.” Perhaps he was suffering from a guilty conscience. Richardson has been sued by two women who claim they were assaulted at his home last year.

Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter have filed a lawsuit against Richardson, his brother, Terrell and his girlfriend, Sevina Fatu. According to the complaint, on December 6th, Trent was at a night club celebrating one of the Brown’s five victories when he invited the two women back to his home.

Soon after they arrived at his home, the women were asked to leave. As they exited the house, Richardson followed close behind accusing them of slamming his door and “disrespecting his house.” The lawsuit contends that Richardson banged on the hood of the vehicle causing more than $1,500 of damage. He then urged his girlfriend, Fatu, and two other females to attack Jones and Hunter.

Jones and Hunter are asking for the plaintiffs to pay for their medical treatment, property damages and attorney fees. They also seek punitive damages.

Brown’s spokesman Neal Gulkis is “aware of the situation, but will not comment at this time.”

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